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Choosing a Safer Company Car

When it comes to your company car or corporate fleet, choosing safer cars is beneficial for a number of reasons, including a reduced risk of injury and even reduced insurance costs
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Social Media Misuse

In the increasingly digital age, more and more companies are learning the perks, perils, and pitfalls of social media
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Cloud Computing and Risk Management

Many businesses are using cloud computing services as a way to store data through shared networks and servers over the internet, which allows access to information anywhere, at any time
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Protecting Your Customers' Property

If the first rule of insurance is to make certain that your property is adequately covered, the second rule should be to ensure that the property of others is properly protected
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$300 Billion?

Estimates of insured property damage from the Japan earthquake ranged from $12 billion to $26 billion, despite the fact that only 14 to 17 percent of businesses and homeowners in Japan have earthquake coverage
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Weight Discrimination

The majority of American adults are overweight or obese, yet studies have found that weight discrimination is increasing
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