Typical Ozarks Weather Throwing Your Business for a Loop?

Weather patterns, clouds moving in
photo provided by  http://www.hmsweather.com/ 

In January, we reached the low sixties in temperature, and a mere six days later the high for the day was 23 degrees. The saying goes “if you don’t like the weather in the Ozarks, wait five minutes,” but most business owners know that playing the waiting game can create havoc on their profits. Is this rapid change in weather affecting your business? We have the solution.

Weather insurance policies can protect your organization from any type of weather – too much or too little rain, excess heat or cold, wind speed, photographic conditions, tides – that affects your business. Businesses that use weather insurance include farms, special event promoters, filmmakers, contractors, and retailers. Policy holders can even select the benefit trigger that will reduce costs, like a farm owner making a trigger that helps reduce costs if only a certain amount of rainfall occurs during the crop season.

Need help planning an event? Weather insurance underwriters have access to sophisticated weather data, and
the insurer can help you plan your event or promotion for a time you’re most likely to experience favorable weather.

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