2021 Individual Health Insurance

Experience Worth the Fees

We offer consultations with experts to quote; compare, and help individuals and families enroll in a health plan from any of the top carriers, both on and off the exchange.

While individuals can go direct to an insurance company, get a quote, talk to a rep, pick a plan and enroll, we feel that this is a difficult and timely process, especially trying to reach multiple carriers, check providers’ lists, and compare plans from one company to the next.

Barker, Phillips, Jackson has been paid by the health insurance companies we represent, that is until recently. We know that public consensus has always been that insurance agents don’t get paid by the client because the insurers are paying them to sell their products.

However, while agent commissions were traditionally built into the premiums for Individual health insurance, recent events have changed how agent commissions are expensed. With the implementation of the MLR, agent commissions are part of the insurer’s overall expense. While insurers traditionally saw agents as their distribution and “sales force” and willingly paid agents and brokers a commission, this is rapidly changing. Insurers have been cutting commissions to agents since 2010. Most Missouri Insurers announced they will not be paying agents any commissions for individual policies sold outside of open enrollment. We cannot work for free so our office had to reevaluate how we can help individuals.

We have implemented a fee to compensate for the work done. We feel this is fair and affordable. We understand some people will not pay a fee. If you want to do this direct with the insurers, we’ve started the process for you with our Self-Service page. You’ll find links for the insurers including ancillary plans to round out your benefit needs.

However, for those who would like the assistance of an individual health insurance professional, please click here to schedule your appointment. Feel free to contact us at 417-887-3550.

Were you looking for Medicare enrollment instead? Click here.

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