During Transition, Employees Have Decisions To Make

Solutions Transition Program

In times of transition, whether voluntary or involuntary, employees have many decisions to make.

When you leverage the BPJ Solutions Transition Program, we will provide individualized support for employees that will help them make informed decisions when working through difficult options.

This FREE service, allows employees peace of mind with simplified decision making with trusted advisors who are experts in finding the right SOLUTIONS.

Why is this good for Employers?
  • IT IMPROVES THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE | When employees separate employment, it can be a stressful time with
    many questions.
  • REMOVES ADMINISTRATIVE BURDENS | This program allows your staff to focus on their priorities instead of tracking down options for those in transition.
  • COST CONTAINMENT | Sometimes the best option for an employee’s budget is to choose something other than the
    employer offered plan. This is a decision to be made solely by the employee with education on all the options that are available to them.
Why is this good for Employees?

Separation of employment is stressful and confusing. Many employees do not understand their benefits while employed, much less at time of separation. We can assist them in navigating this maze of options and work to find the Solutions that fit them best.

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