Choosing a Safer Company Car

When it comes to your company car or corporate fleet, choosing safer cars is beneficial for a number of reasons, including a reduced risk of injury and even reduced insurance costs.
Vehicle safety is determined by several factors, one being vehicle size. According to the Insurance Institution for Highway Safety (IIHS), larger vehicles are much safer in terms of injury and death—in fact, smaller cars account for more than half the injuries, deaths, and collision claims. The IIHS classifies large vehicles as those having a wheel base of 110 or more inches.
And contrary to popular belief, vehicle size doesn’t necessarily contribute to fuel costs. The exterior dimensions, rather than the weight, are what affects the safety performance. A large vehicle might not have a large weight, and since weight is what directly affects fuel consumption, it is quite possible to get the best of both worlds.
Another contributing factor to vehicle safety is the vehicle’s design. These are the vehicles that have “safety cages” and “crumple zones” in the front and rear which help deflect crash forces away from the occupants. You should also inquire about side-impact protection, which usually includes energy-absorbing padding inside car doors and side guard beams. Head restraints suitable for taller occupants, antilock brakes, and daytime running lights can also contribute to the safety of your vehicle and affect your insurance cost.
Seatbelts are a necessity, of course, and one that all modern vehicles are equipped with. However, lap and shoulder belts should be comfortable since they are susceptible to intense wear. You might also look for “automatic crash tensioners” and “webbing grabbers”, both of which will help reduce an occupant’s forward movement in the event of a crash.
Airbags are also a necessity for maximum safety, preferably installed for both front collisions and side-impact. Some newer models might also have “curtain” airbags, which will help protect the occupants in the event of a vehicle rollover.

All of these safety features can provide both peace of mind for your employees as well as reduced insurance rates. If you have any questions about auto safety or insuring company vehicles, contact the professionals at BPJ.